What type of Camcorder is Best for Youtube videos? Explained

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What type of Camcorder is Best for Youtube videosSo, you are up to YouTubing and that is great! But what should be the ideal gear for your videos? Well, you can try smartphones like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy notes, but those are not the best option available. The best kind of video recorders that a YouTuber may like is a camcorder. Camcorders are lightweight, small in size and full of features that you need on the go. It won’t cost you a whole lot of money and still serve at its fullest.However, today’s post is about discussing what type of camcorder is best for youtube videos. Without wasting any for the time, let’s get started.

Some recommended camcorder models for YouTube

There are many camcorders that are claimed to be for youtubers, but we would stick to a low price end for now. Here is a quick list of camcorder models that we would love you to have-

  1. Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder
  2. Besteker 1080P CAMCORDER
  3. GoPro HERO4 Silver
  4. Canon Vixia HF R72
  5. Panasonic HC-V10 Digital
  6. Sony CX675 Camcorder
  7. Canon Vixia HF G40 Full HD Camcorder
  8. Sony FDR-AX53 Camcorder
  9. Canon Vixia HF R700

Requirement of a good camcorder for YouTubing

Small size and lightweight

Vlogging has become quite of a video genre when it comes to modern YouTubing. For that purpose, you have roamed around with a camcorder in hand. For obvious reasons, you don’t want the camera to be bulky or big in size. In fact, you should not let your camcorder be bigger than a bottle of Mountain Dew in size.

Video quality

The next important thing is, of course, the video quality. You don’t want your user to watch yourself in a low-quality YouTube video which is full of distortion and shaking.

There are models available who are able to record 4K Ultra HD video, and those models are lightweight and small in size as well.

Flip screen

Although this is a very basic feature that you can find in modern camcorders, it is particularly recommended for shooting YouTube video.

With the help of flip-screen, you can see what frame you are shooting in, and your position in the whole video.

Clarity and resolution

If your YouTube channel is about indoor videos, you have to deal with a low light condition. In this regard, your camcorder should be able to shoot good quality videos even in low light. Without a bright, vibrant and highly regulated videos, you cannot expect your YouTube channel to grow.

Battery power

There are tons of vloggers who are likely to shoot videos throughout the day. No matter it is an outdoor excursion, a food vlog, or just a travel vlog, you need to make sure that you don’t run out of power in between the shoot.

The primary battery should be able to run for at least 2/3 hours at a stretch. On top of that, we would advise you to keep backup batteries along with you.

The audio quality

Almost all of the YouTubers are supposed to record audio tracks of their own voice along with the video. No matter you get a chance to edit that later or not, you would not like to end up with a low audio recorder in your camcorder.

Yeah, there are tons of YouTubers who would like to use external mics, but that are completely different scenarios.

The price

When it comes to purchasing a camcorder for YouTube channel, the budget differs a lot from person to person.

As a starter, you are supposed to stick to a low end making sure that the quality is up to the mark. Therefore, we would advise to going for such model that comes with a price tag of under 500.

You can always upgrade your gears and gadgets, once you get a full swing with your channel.

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