What Chair Does Ninja Use? [Ninja’s Fortnite Setup]

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YWhat Chair Does Ninja Useoutube had been always the most popular platform for video streaming and live streaming. But Twitch.tv had recently taken over to some extent, and gamers are being interested in streaming in Twitch for long gaming sessions.

And one of such Twitch stars is Ninja, namely Richard Tyler Blevins. He has millions of followers who would love to know what gadget and gears does Ninja uses.

In this post, we’ll reveal the couple fo chairs that Ninja uses for his gaming sessions. Keep reading-

Who Is Ninja?

Ninja is the nickname of Richard Tyler Blevins, and he’s one of America’s most famous twitch streamer. Apart from his streamer identity, he is also an internet identity. As per a statistics run on Feb’19, he is the most followed streamer in Twitch, the online streaming platform.

By now, he has over thirteen million followers on Twitch, and his videos are viewed over 40,000 times in each week.

Richard started playing Halo 3 in 2009, when he took this work seriously. He had played for a number of world famous team, including Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Renegades. But now he is with Luminosity Gaming. Afterward, he shifted to H1Z1, and then he moved to Pubg– another popular action arcade game.

What Chair Does Ninja Use?

Ninja uses a couple of chairs and keeps switching between these two. We’ve picked up both for you, and broken down their specs into bite-sized chunks. Here you go-

First Choice: MAXNOMIC Dominator (Black) Premium Gaming Chair

The first choice of chair that Ninja prefers is none other than MAXNOMIC Dominator. There are in fact, several reasons behind this becoming the go-to choice of many gamers like Ninja. Let’s unfold the reasons-

The best of this ergonomic chair is it’s a comfort. And that’s the sole reason why we buy gaming chairs for, right? Well, this comes with proper maintenance of posture without any sacrifice in the comfort level. The backrest is specially designed with the high-end surface, which will ensure proper alignment of your spine and back.

The materials used to prepare this chair is of high class. The seat cover is made of multilayer PU leather, which is the best in its class. It also gives you a solid resistance against sweating, peeling, flaking and so on.

To connect the seat with the aluminum-based base, they have used a class 4 cylinder. To give it a soft touch, there is a PU coating on the caster to make it perfect for long time gaming.

In terms of adjustability, this chair is a state of the art model. It’s fully adjustable with its backrest, and the armrests are called 4D due to their all-dimensional movements. To lock down the backrest, there is a tilt mechanism of lockable type.


As the features are listed, you might assume that you won’ t get all of these top-notch features just for a few bucks. And that’s the truth. You have to spend a good chunk of money to avail this chair. But considering that value it comes with, we found it totally worth it.


Highlighted Features

  • Completely ergonomic design with complete adjustability.
  • The seat cover is made of multi layer PU leather.
  • Resists sweating, flaking, peeling, etc.
  • Class 4 cylinder is used to connect the base.
  • A soft PU leather coat on the caster.
  • 4D armrest, adjustable in every direction.
  • Comes with a solid and compact look.


Second Choice: DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RB1/NB Gaming Chair

Apart from the first model from Maxnomic, Ninja uses another secondary gaming chair called the DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RB1/NB Gaming Chair. At this part of the post, we’ll set our radar onto this model-


This gaming chair also comes with an ergonomic design, with a way better efficiency and comfortability. The backrest cover is the most eye-catching part of this chair, which has a beautiful blue texture. Apart from blue-black, there is another version of green-black. You can pick up based on your preferences.

The seat design would remind you of top-notch gaming car seats, at least the design would. But it’s solely made of office use or gaming uses(like Ninja does). The material used to soften up the body is PU made cover. Underneath the PU made cover, there is Carbon Look vinyl, which is another top class material.

Adjustment is something that gamers would never compromise with, so won’t this chair. The backrest and armrests are all-adjustable, which will save your neck and spine from any kind displacement.


The armrests are of 3D type, so you can swivel them in any direction for your comfort. There are adjustment protection for the shoulder and the wrist as well.


The castors are not so great, but still, they are good enough to go for a budget-friendly gaming chair.


Highlighted Features

  • Complete ergonomic design with comfort and efficiency.
  • Patented backrest cover design with beautiful aesthetics.
  • Carbon Look vinyl, covered with high-quality PU leather.
  • High backrest for all height of users.
  • Flexible backrest with adjustments.
  • 3D type adjustability with the armrest.
  • Comes with two different models.

Some Other Facts to Know About Ninja

  • Blevin has over 21 million subscribers over YouTube, and around 13 million over twitch.tv.
  • His earnings from playing Fortnite is over $500000 in each month.
  • He is connected with a number of sponsorship deals for his massive popularity.
  • In June 2018, he announced that he is partnered up with Red Bull Esports.
  • In September of 2018, he earned the fortune to be covered in ESPN the Magazine.
  • He has his partnership with record label giants, which is just the starting of his fame.


Bottom line

So, that was the list of chairs that Ninja uses for his gaming sessions. Now, one of them is what the Ninja used to use. But now, he has shifted to the next one, and he seems to stick to this one now.

Apart from the chairs, there are some other gears that we think you would like to know about. Hopefully, we’ve come with a listing of the gears of him.


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