Camcorder VS Cinema Camera: Which is Better for you? Explained

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Most of us are always eager to try something new. Camcorder VS Cinema CameraWhether you are going out at night to look for some adventure or during any family trip or picnic. Nothing can stop that curious soul of yours. And we are all guilty in this matter. Shooting a movie is no different. Whether it’s a documentary video, any kind of short movie or even while you-tubing, it will always be a new and memorable experience. But for that, you will need a camera above all. Do you think it will be a simple digital camera? Of course not. For an excellent video production, you can either use the cinema camera or the professional camcorder. Normally, you use a cinema camera for your movie shoot. But, with the advent of the professional camcorders and their new features, it will be natural for you to get confused.

That is why you need to know about their differences so that you can choose properly. Let’s begin.

Camcorder VS Cinema Camera: A Comparative Discussion

As we are here now, let’s check out all the features of these two cameras for your better understanding.

1. Visual Impact:

Cinema Camera: The number one feature that you will find in a cinema camera is their visual point. That is their shallow depth of field. These cinema cameras have got the visual impact that is really very strong.

Many of you may wonder what this depth of field might be. A depth of field (DOF) in a camera usually focuses on objects or people that you specifically want to capture or video. In short, only the things that you want to shoot will be in focus.

The cinema camera also has an image sensor as its special feature. The sensor size of this cinema camera is larger than the camcorder I must say.

But there is a catch. It can be a bit complicated to choose a cinema camera with a good media setting. The amount of media they can capture varies. Some cameras can be limited to 10-15 minutes of videos per taking.

Camcorder: Now, let’s move on to our camcorder. The visual impact of this camcorder is very good. Even their image sensor is not as large as that of a cinema camera as mentioned above. Still, their focus point for shooting video is awesome.

Camcorder Buying Guide

On the other side, camcorders are the one to top a cinema camera regarding media settings. Both its external and internal flashes are really amazing. Compared to a cinema camera, camcorders can record videos for many hours. Recording videos with a camcorder also depend on its resolution and on the compression settings used.

2. Pricing:

Cinema Camera: Before you select the camera that you like it is very important that you compare the price of these electronics.

Let us start with our cinema camera first. These cameras are relatively cheaper in price if you ask. As a starter, you can go for a cinema camera if you want.

Camcorder: Meanwhile, the camcorders especially the professional ones, are really expensive. This is because its features are more upgraded than a cinema camera.

Point to be noted: Additional accessories are needed for both the cameras. They include a microphone, tripod, and lights. But, in the case of a professional camcorder, more add-ons are required to shoot any videos compared to a cinema camera.

3. Audio:

Cinema Camera: The cinema cameras do not have any audio input. This is a matter of concern as that input means a standard audio connection. Instead, these cameras use mini-jack inputs mostly. This can be less reliable.

Camcorder: In case of audio input of better quality, camcorders are highly recommended. They also got an internal microphone as their feature. Audio settings in a camcorder got various kinds of audio options with amazing sound qualities. Moreover, a camcorder also allows for separate audio track recording. It will result in greater flexibility for post-production. How cool this is, right?

4. Viewfinder Capability:

Cinema Camera: Viewfinder capability is also an important factor for any kind of video or movie making. Unfortunately, the cinema cameras do not have this feature though some of the manufacturers designed articulated viewfinders on this camera.

Camcorder: The professional camcorders give you two options of Eyepiece and LCD Screen. Whenever you are filming in a bright environment, these add-ons help the videographer to shield any kind of glare present.


If you are up for video shooting like a professional then the professional camcorders are highly recommended for you. They got great video and audio qualities, as well as great ergonomics, compared to a cinema camera.

They are light to carry as well. And hopefully, this information helps you. Happy Shooting!

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