Top 6 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums Review – Musician Choice

Top 6 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums Review – Musician Choice

Welcome To ReviewXplorer. Electronic drum set has been quite a trendy stuff, isn’t it? Just with a smart device and your fingertips, you can unleash the hidden drummer of yours. And certainly, this saves at least a few hundred dollars that drummers of early ages had to spend on the drum set. But as long as you’re aiming at home practice and learning, no other alternatives can be fond of a novice drummer.

However, to monitor your play, you need to depend on the ears. But what if you get t plug in a headphone that brings on the hi-hats from the kicks- everything right next to your ears?

Well, we’re talking about best headphones for electronic drums that are perfect for drumming synchronization. In this article, we’ve researched and reviewed 6 of the best headphones for drumming practice.

Find your way to the best headphone that fits right into your budget-

Here is The Review of 6 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone

Product Overview

Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

You might be a professional drummer or a home hobbyist who like to play electric drum sets. To ensure that you’re always aware of every bit you play, Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone us the best available options in the market.

We’ve gone through every bit of the list of features and most of them came out to be real time. Therefore, Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone is the #1 ranked headphone on the list. Let’s have a glimpse of what’s inside-

The Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone is extremely unobtrusive and comes with a high-quality sound reference right from the device that contains your electric drum set. The driver is promised to provide a detailed sound and you can feel even a single stroke on the drum sets.The large diaphragm and the entered closure of the earbuds make it the best for use in the studio.

The driver unit is of 40mm and that seems to be a little less than the bar. But as long as you’re not working on your next album, that seems perfect. Also, the enclosed contours of the earbuds won’t let any external sounds come and introduce. I think this the best drumming headphones for noise cancelling.

You can fold this headphone as you’ll be carrying it around. Also, there is a gold connector that provides safety to the connector. Most of the headphone has issues with the quality of the connector. But as the users have shared their experience on it, we found it perfect.

You will get a carrying bag and a uni-match plug with the package. So, if you be a little careful while carrying, this headphone might be the headphone you’ve ever got to play the drum sets.


1. 40mm sound driver.

2. A powerful and detailed source of the sound.

3. A long and strong 9.8 feet cord provided.

4. Can be folded up for minimum string space.

5. A responsive headphone from 10Hz to 20KHz.

6. A large diaphragm for better sound exposure.

7. Closed and highly isolated ear design.


1. The long cord may cause hassle.

2. Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drumming Headphones

Product Overview

At #2, we have got a headphone which is particularly made for hobbyist drummers. Alesis DRP100 is an extreme quality audio isolation electric drum headphone which round of applause from the users. With a first-hand analysis report from our expert, this headphone is, therefore, our #2 pick.

The best quality that we found about the Alesis DRP100 is, it’s capability of sound reproduction to a great level of accuracy. No matter you are at the crowdy stage show, or practicing all alone at home, this is very important as an electric drum player.

Moving forward, to get access to every bit of your performance, it’s important that you can listen to the nuances and dynamics of the sounds. Alesis DRP100 with its extreme electronics will make it sure. It has no flat response, and the 40mm full ranged sound driver will bring on every frequency right next to your ears.

Another fact we found praiseworthy is its capability to create no-flat and tight low-end frequency response. You won’t visualize how this is created, but once you put on the headphone and start playing, that’s when all the magic will take place.

As a bottom line, we would say that we found alesis drp100 electronic drumming headphones in the market for band practice, cue mix or private practice for hours. What do you think?


1. A headphone with top-notch sound isolation.

2. Comfortable and over the ear design.

3. Stable and fit while you’re performing.

4. 40mm powerful sound driver.

5. No flat and tight low-frequency response.


1. Weak wire ends.

3. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

Product Overview

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones is a headphone which is made especially for those drummers who don’t want any external sound to bother. In fact, when you want to concentrate into the tunnel between you and your drum set, Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones is the headphone that will isolate you from external noise.

This is a premium built headphone with the smart and compact design. The cushioned pad will surely save the high sound levels and feel comfortable on the ears. Also, there is another chance that high sound frequencies will cause potential damages to your ears. In that case, Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphone will be a savior. It’s designed to protect drummers from high-level sounds from both instruments and surroundings.

This headphone is made to be a good fit for anyone’s head. There is some mechanism that allows the automatic fit to the heads and the overall fitting will be just as you want it to be.

We’re highly pleased with the way Vic Firth has designed and built this headphone. What do you think?


1. Feels comfortable with broad foam cushions.

2. Self-aligning over the ear design.

3. Prevents extreme level sounds from entering the ears.

4. Isolates drummer’s ears from external sounds.

5. A good buy within the budget.


1. Has issues with durability.

4. JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

Product Overview

If the bass is the sound types that you want to access fully, drumming might be quite enjoyable and addictive to you. And to let that take place while you’re playing a set of electric drums, JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ear Stereo Headphones is the headphone you require.

This headphone is from quite a common brand, JBL, and this over-the-ear headphone is a right fit for both professional and amateur level of drummers. The best thing about this headphone is the 50mm driver. It enhances the sound audibility

Another plus point is, this headphone comes with a liberty of choosing from four different colors and models. Based on your personal preferences, you can get the best one for you.


1. A premium design and agronomics.

2. 500mm premium grade sound driver.

3. Adopted signal processing technology.

4. Realistic and isolated soundtracks.

5. Cable can be detached.

6. Control button with a microphone.

7. Four different designs to choose from.


1. Quite expensive comparing other headphones on the list.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Headphones for Drumming Practice

Product Overview

At this point of the article, we would like to present a headphone that is made for studio recording. No matter you are an electronic drum player or a band member, you can record your drum bits with beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. There are plenty reasons behind calling it a studio-ready headphone. And we will explain them all-

Firstly, it’s the pure and high-resolution sound that let you feel every single frequency clear and isolated. Rest assured, you can actually sync and play your part in the electric drum so perfectly. Also, the professionally crafted mixing is another perk that the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO brings with it.

Moving forward, we appreciated the design of the body and cable. The beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is very comfortable to wear. You can actually replace the earbuds and set it right according to your preferences. Also, the cable is made to be lasting for years. While most of the other headphones have troubles with the cable, this one is made to be single sided. The benefit of a single-sided cable is, it remains so practical for multi-purpose use. The length of the cable is 3m. This is maybe a little short, but as long as we are focusing on studio recordings, that seems fine.


1. 32 Ohm, 80 Ohm and 250 Ohm available.

2. Closed and contoured design.

3. Professional audio mixing.

4. Soft and round replaceable earbuds.

5. Comfortable over the ear headphone.

6. Single side cable with a promise of durability.

7. Hard and strong wearing.

8. Two different designs to choose from.


1. The length of the cable could have been longer.

6. Vic Firth DB22 Isolation Headphones

Product Overview

The level of sounds of a drum set is high. No matter you are playing a real drum set or an electric one, the high frequencies of the sound will obviously harm your hearings. So, if you want to be safe from such casualties, we’ve got the right headphone for you.

Vic Firth DB22 Isolation Headphones is our #6th pick of the list of best headphones for drummers. Why we put it on the list? Well, there are drummers who want to rock with the drumsets, but not with compromising the hearing power of themselves. So, Vic Firth DB22 Isolation Headphones is a safe and non-electric headphone with ample safety for your ears.

The design seems pretty simple and elegant. The over the ear design may not be so adjustable, but it would more or less fit most of the drummers. But the best thing lies not in its design, but in its performance.

It reduces the high frequencies of the soundtrack by a level of 25 decibels. That ensures that you don’t get any harm for the ears and audible senses. So, as long as you aren’t playing on stage, this might be a perfect pick for you.

If you’re good at home and want to keep practicing drumming with an electric version, Vic Firth DB22 Isolation Headphones is the right headphone for you.


1. A great headphone for home practice.

2. Reduces high sound frequencies to a level of 25 dB.

3. Nonelectric design.

4. Simple and free of complexities with cable.

5. Isolates the sound.

6. A complete hearing protection.


1. Not so comfortable design.

2. Not for stage performers and professionals.

Buying Guide for Best Headphones for Drummers

As you have gone through all of the six best headphones from electric drumming, now it’s time to chose yours. To help you in the decision-making process, here is our exclusive buying guide for this product-

  • How Good D&B Player It Is?
    The D&B is the short form of Drum And Bits, a form of music which is adopted by musicians worldwide. If you’re a professional drummer, then D&B could not be any better than a set of electric drums. And for that to take place, it’s important that how much is the range of frequency of the headphone you’re buying. Standard is to stay within a range of 10Hz to 20kHz. Because most of the sound that comes from a drum that is between this range.
  • The Enclosure of the Earbuds
    A sealed and airtight earbud is something that everyone will desire. Especially, when you’re on stage and surrounded by a number of sources with high-frequency audio. Also, to get to both highs and lows of your own play, you need to have an isolated earbud on the headphone.
  • The Cable
    In this article, we tried t stay between the low priced headphones which provides a great performance. But if you have a look the cable length that each of them brings on, you will have differences. Some cables are approximately 3m and some are even more. Fr home practice, we would suggest taking shorter cables. But if you are professional, then a long cord is desired.
    Also, the second issue with the cable is its durability. Because of the poor connecting joints, most of the headphones have one of the speakers completely lost. If the connecting joint of the cable is strong, that is not supposed to happen.
  • The Price-Quality Ratio
    As we said before, these headphones that we chose here, are quite a friendly wit budget. So, try to get the best one out of the list and we’re sure that that won’t cost you so much. However, no matter which one you want, make sure it goes with the performance level you’re up to.

Summary Line

Thanks for being until the very end of the article. We’ve mentioned everything that drummer needs to know when he’s buying the Best Isolation Headphones for Drummers. However, we would advise you to have the driver and frequency range perfect. Otherwise, there is a good chance of mistaking your desire. Best of luck!

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